Coronavirus Training for Caregivers

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Coronavirus Training for Caregivers

We understand that knowledge and information are extremely valuable tools in the midst of a pandemic such as Coronavirus (COVID-19). As always, we want to provide caregivers and their agencies with up-to-date trainings pertaining to the most pressing topics. 

Coronavirus infections have been reported in all 50 states and the death toll in the United States has passed 800 (3/25/2020).  Health officials anticipate that the number of new cases of the coronavirus to nearly double every four days for the foreseeable future.

Healthcare professionals work on the frontlines of this global medical emergency. It is therefore, imperative  that healthcare professionals understand the facts regarding the newly identified coronavirus now known as COVID-19.

The course that follows details the facts about the COVID-19 coronavirus and the ways all health care professionals can keep themselves and their patients/clients safe and healthy during this global medical emergency.

This free training includes 4 printable PDF downloads and earns .5 training hours

Printable Course Materials:

Coronavirus Training For Caregivers

Coronavirus Final Exam

KEY- Coronavirus Final Exam

Coronavirus Certificate

This training will:

  • Describe the Corona Virus known as COVID–19 and its source.

  • Explain the symptoms of those afflicted with COVID–19.

  • Discuss the relevant events of the recent COVID-19 timeline.

  • List the precautions regarding infection control that will help stop the spread of COVID–19.

  • Describe the steps that should be taken, should a client exhibit the symptoms of COVID–19.

  • Explain simple anxiety reduction techniques to clients feeling stressed. also offers an extensive library of assisted living manager training courses with a variety of topics that include general infection control, emergency preparedness, and hand-washing. 

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