How to Prepare QAPI that Passes Survey

How to Prepare QAPI that Passes Survey

Both QA and PI are involved in quality management. However, the differences in the two are what makes quality assurance and process improvement such a perfect combination in managing, measuring, and monitoring quality in hospice.

QAPI in Hospice – Objectives

At the end of this session, the learner will be able to:


  • Define QAPI including the concepts of Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement;
  • Describe how Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement work together in a well-developed QAPI program;
  • Recall the three top reasons for implementing QAPI in hospice;
  • Recall the content of CoP 42 CFR section 418.58;
  • Describe the importance of the CoP for quality in hospice;
  • Design a QAPI program using defined steps;
  • Discuss the importance of each of the steps in the QAPI cycle;
  • Discuss the five standards included in developing a QAPI plan;
  • Develop a written QAPI plan using the provided template.
    QAPI in Hospice – Outlin


1. What is QAPI

a) Definition of the acronym – Quality Assurance and Performance

b) What it means in practice

2. Why QAPI

a) Regulatory requirement

b) Best practice

c) Performance improvement

3. Steps to design the QAPI program

a) 10 Steps to design program

b) CMS QAPI Self-Assessment Tool (available for download?)

c) Use of Hospice Compare

4. How does QAPI work

a) Executive Oversight

b) Program Scope

c) Datad)

Program Activities

e) PI Projects

5. The Final Word


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