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What our students have to say

Irma, 1 Divine Home Health

Customer service is my favorite part of it, don’t get me wrong the classes are fun and engaging but when I needed help they got back to me on the phone, not through email hours later. Nice people.

1 Divine Home Health
Martha, Harmony Hospice

Their prices aren’t outrageous at all. I plan to keep using them for years.

Harmony Hospice
Sera, Daily Care Companions

The website is very user friendly and I am able to use it on my phone, more importantly. Because I am always on the go. I listen to the classes in my car!The website is very user friendly and I am able to use it on my phone, more importantly. Because I am always on the go. I listen to the classes in my car!

Daily Care Companions
Jesus, Holistic Healthcare

I love the fact that they remind me when my admin training courses are due. They sent me a text about it and an email!

Holistic Healthcare
Amanda, Santa Teresa PHC

The classes are fun to watch and they are not “textbooky”. Doesn’t feel like I am taking a boring lecture. They make it fun and easy to enjoy. Very different from the other websites I have come across that are too rigid.

Santa Teresa PHC
Margaret, Compassionate Home Health

The courses are very interesting. I especially loved the marketing one. Made me think of things I never thought of pertaining to my business.

Compassionate Home Health

What I loved about it is that the classes are in video. Keeps it interesting and Engaging.

Victorian Healthcare

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Sign in to your company’s account to take your CEs with ease, we also keeps track of all CEs taken for all your colleagues.


123OnlineCourses was conceived with user experience at the top of the priority list. Easy to use, easy to learn.



Aren’t we all tired of courses that read like textbooks, take courses that you want that are fun, interesting, and engaging.


Love to learn while taking a bath? Good news, you can access your courses from your mobile phone. 



123OnlineCourses really loves to help, we know you have a lot to remember, so we will notify you when your CEs are due to be completed.



We are an approved provider of continuing education education for licensing boards across the country.


Whether you are bored or you have questions, we are here for you 24/7, call and speak to a warm friendly voice to ease your concerns.


Learning is fun when you have others to engage with, you won’t get put in time out for talking to your peers here.


Reimbursement isn’t what it used to be, we feel your pain and have made the classes affordable for you.

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