Wound Care Management – V2

Wound Care Management

This course will help you better understand the process of wound healing and treatment, with the goal of enhancing your skills to further improve wound care patient care.

This Wound Care Management Course is divided into 6 sections:


  • Section 1: Intro
  • Section 2: Types of Wounds
  • Section 3: Assessment and
  • Documentation
  • Section 4: Basic Treatment Principles
  • Section 5: Wound Healing Goals and
  • Plan of Care
  • Section 6: Conclusion

Course Objectives:


  1.  Understand how to accurately identify and document wounds
  2. Understand the different types of wounds
  3. Understand how to care for the various types of wounds
  4. Identify red flag signs and symptoms of wounds
  5. Learn how to prevent wounds from developing


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